Summit Fitness Classes

Stay Healthy and Fit By Joining One of Our Fitness Classes!


Classes are FREE. We offer classes for all ages!


Time to get fit with HIIT! Eileen keeps you motivated through high intensity interval training that leaves you energized and empowered.


The ultimate hybrid workout class, Barre combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.

Ron uses kickboxing to help you strengthen and tone your body.


War on Core

Ashley will guide you through a routine focused on strengthening the core muscles while working on other areas of the body. Strong core muscles support and stabilize the spine and lead to better balance and stability.


Ashley will guide you through a unique sequence of poses designed to bring a strong awareness to the connection of your breath and movement. This all levels class level will help you build strength, flexibility, calmness, and new perspective on your fitness routine and your daily life.


Zumba is a high energy, dance cardio class that uses interval training to burn fat and tone your body.


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